Transforming the Legal industry
one score at a time

Know where
you Stand

Qualmet makes it simple for both in-house counsel and law firms to regularly measure performance and alignment of themselves and each other. Using our powerful Performance Management solution, you can now collect information at the client, firm, matter, or lawyer level and see if expectations are aligned. Make proactive decisions to improve satisfaction, value, efficiency, and diversity in your services or service providers. Prevent issues before they become a problem.


Transforming the Legal industry
one score at a time

In-house Counsel:
Know your outside Firms


Measure the performance of your outside law firms and see who is meeting or exceeding your company's expectations, or more importantly, who is not. Our easy to use Performance Management solution will provide you with insights that can identify areas of great synergy if expectations are being met. Know your relationships and keep your clients!

Transforming the Legal industry
one score at a time

Law Firms:
Know where your relationship
stands with your clients


It takes time to build a strong relationship with your clients. It takes only an instant to lose them. Know how your relationships are progressing and keep your clients! Our Performance Management solution provides you automated tools for getting client feedback and alerting you of issues before they become a problem. Be proactive and keep your clients.

Transforming the Legal industry
one score at a time

Diversity Tracking:
Are your businesses
values being met?

Diversity is no longer just a talking point but a business value. Our solution provides you a simple data-driven solution to understand which of your service providers are meeting your business goals and values. By adding a diversity key performance indicator to your Performance Tracking, you can glean if your company's goals are meeting met and partner with service providers who meet or exceed your diversity goal.
Transforming the Legal industry
one score at a time

Law Firm 


Our business expects efficient, high-quality service at competitive rates from all service providers, including the outside legal counsel you use. Starting a convergence process can drive improved performance, increase cost transparency to capitalize on volume discounts, and lead to higher success rates. Our solution provides you a simple data-driven solution to collect performance metrics and spend patterns to help you make informed purchasing decisions on who best to partner with to drive value for your business. Then continue with our solution to drive performance management going forward.




Increase Value

Now for the first time there is an objective, data-driven platform that will measure performance against KPI's and provide meaningful insight into those firms who are meeting or exceeding performance expectations and those who are not. Quickly learn which of your law firms and external legal service providers are delivering the most value against KPI's and which ones are performing below expectations on each of the KPI's. 


Improve Collaboration

The Qualmet solution gives you the data-driven metrics you need for productive conversations to improve collaboration and performance. Set targets on performance and monitor improvements.


Improve Performance

Communication is among the keys to successful client relationships. By leveraging or using the Qualmet tool, external counsel and legal service providers will get detailed insights into any gaps in their performance and opportunities for improvement. 



Track Diversity

Know which partners value and implement diversity strategies because you do. Qualmet allows you to track which partners are meeting your diversity goals.

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Qualmet is changing the way the legal industry conducts business by providing data-driven metrics that show the overall performance of Law Firms, in-house counsel, and individual Lawyers. For in-house counsel, you no longer need to rely on gut decisions or spreadsheets when making purchasing decisions of legal services. For Law Firms and Lawyers, you will know where you stand with clients providing greater visibility into your business and identifying potential issues providing you with in-depth information allowing you to be proactive and keep the business.

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