KPI’s for the Legal Industry discussed in ABA Journal

In his former job as chief business development officer at Frost Brown Todd in Louisville, Kentucky, James Beckett was hungry to learn how his firm could do better. He knew the answer lied in using KPI’s for the legal industry to create a scorecard as a way his law firm could achieve improved performance.

“In this highly uber-competitive, commoditized world of legal services, how do we exceed the expectations of our clients and increase our market share and actually have something to differentiate ourselves other than puffery?” he asks. “And I thought there can’t be any other better way than performance.”

But it was often hard for Frost Brown to get that kind of performance data. So Beckett ended up making his own scorecard. He was on the verge of leaving his firm to commercialize that idea when he met Mark Smolik, general counsel of DHL Supply Chain Americas. Smolik had also created his own scorecard for DHL’s outside counsel, and he was also interested in commercialization.

KPI’s for the Legal Industry

It was then that the Qualmet platform was created by developing legal performance metrics that produced qualitative performance data for the legal industry. The Qualmet platform could be used by Corporate Counsel and external Law Firms alike. Corporations are expecting more from their General Counsel’s performance in terms of aligning the legal department as a business unit to the rest of the organization. By standardizing KPI’s for the legal industry into an easy to use platform, Qualmet provided a solution for an important process Corporate Counsel conducts.

Powerful But Simple

Corporate Counsel can move from a formerly cumbersome and time-consuming process using spreadsheets to an easy-to-use platform. Companies conducting evaluations can spend as little as 90 seconds to complete an evaluation.

Corporate Counsel can now tackle the convergence process with ease and flexibility. Companies have substantive data to use for conversations with external Law Firms. They can give Law Firms reports that track performance improvement. Panel Law Firms can measure and track their performance relative to other Law Firms.

Reposted from September 1, 2018, ABA Journal, Legal Rebels. Profiles – James Beckett: Scoring Legal Work.

About Qualmet

Qualmet is a cloud-based SaaS provider. Offering customers a single sign-on platform to objectively as well as easily evaluate the quality of service. Services provided by their outside counsel as well as alternative legal service providers. Many of the world’s largest law firms and corporate law departments collaborated in the development of Qualmet. The Qualmet tool uniquely positions users to quickly as well as easily measure the value delivered by their service providers. By coupling industry-aligned evaluation as well as legal metrics with objective benchmarking capabilities, Qualmet helps customers define and drive meaningful cost savings as well as value in their organizations. Qualmet’s searchable database of evaluated service providers ranked based on objective metrics is the first of its kind in the legal industry. Know Where You Stand™. Let Qualmet help you drive sustainable and meaningful value for your organization. Follow us on Facebook for updates.