Law Firm Convergence

Convergence tool

Qualmet offers an easy platform to conduct Law Firm Convergence. Whether your company performs convergence on a regular schedule or as needed, Qualmet has the tools to engage your evaluators in identifying your top legal performers and measure their performance with regards to associated spend. Is the convergence process a bear to tackle? Incorporating Qualmet’s evaluation platform into your regular process of vendor management may minimize the need to perform convergence with ongoing measurement of your outside legal firms.

Post convergence partnership

When companies negotiate a long-term relationship with the firms they select from the convergence process, Qualmet is there to ensure the relationship goes according to the client’s expectations. The convergence process leads to long-term and contractual relationships with a strategic goal, to align with the client and establish a winning partnership. Qualmet can be used to keep the pulse on those contractual relationships so that there is 360 satisfaction by all parties.

Strategic Arrangements

When a company goes outside of their pool of panel law firms for strategic matters, Qualmet can be configured to track key matters either by firm, lawyer or legal team. With cases whose outcome can potentially have significant impact on the business, General Counsel can now use a simple tool to keep an eye on the key players managing a matter. As legal costs continue to increase, matters can be tracked and evaluated along with the spend for greater comparative analysis in selecting top firms or lawyers.