Diversity Tracking :

Are your businesses’ values being met?

Diversity as a Business Value

A growing value in business is aligning the diversity practices with the organizations’ goals. As companies embrace the values of the corporation internally, they also extend those values and expectations from their vendors. Qualmet gives the organization the tool to track diversity and inclusion of legal teams with a simple tool. Qualmet’s intuitive and user-friendly dashboard offers companies the option to track diversity among their legal service providers at the matter level without volumes of paperwork and keeps the data free of personally identifiable information so that the data is compliant with privacy concerns.

Diversity as a Strategy

Diversity and inclusion efforts have been demonstrated to have a statistical benefit to the profitability of an organization. Research shows that strategic planning and implementation around diversity leads to positive effects that go beyond employee engagement but also have a positive impact on business performance leading to a higher likelihood of increasing profit margins.