Know where you stand

KPI’s for the legal industry

Many businesses evaluate financial and operational performance through matter management tools.
But this leaves a lot of key information for decision-making on the 
table. As a standalone product, matter management tools cannot drive lasting,
effective change because they do not truly measure quality or value. Client service is the number one reason
organizations switch work from one firm to another. Using key performance
indicators (KPI’s) for the legal industry to quantify performance provides the
foundation for meaningful discussions around expectations and management of the
lawyer and client relationship. Lawyers can get the data they need to
validate the contribution they make to their firm or client.

Manage Service Risks

Lawyers don’t typically know where they stand with their
clients, whether they support in house operations or corporate clients. Qualmet
uses research based key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the legal industry
that gives lawyers the qualitative metrics to measure their performance and
compare them with their peers. Understanding how lawyers are succeeding with their
clients and learning where they can improve their relationship gives them the
insights they need to keep their clients satisfied and improve retention rates.
Managing the inherent risk of losing clients due to dissatisfaction can be
minimized with regular feedback.

Reduce Legal billing disputes

Regular performance evaluations can help avoid the
unpleasant process of renegotiating the invoices to the clients’ satisfaction. Lawyers
get an indication of where they stand with their clients so that surprises that
are inherent to a client/lawyer relationship are minimized by identifying and
resolving issues before they get to the billing stage.

Qualitative scorecards for the legal industry

Qualmet offers customizable qualitative scorecards for legal
departments and law firms which are converted into aggregated quantifiable
data.  Qualmet’s powerful reporting
dashboard creates easy to read graphs and data analysis that can be shared with
internal and external clients. By incorporating ongoing feedback around the
quality of legal services, efficiencies are identified for legal departments,
and their legal service providers to better understand value and capture new
revenue and differentiation opportunities. 
This value creation loop is administered through a simple cloud-based
platform and Qualmet’s analytical assessment tools and data-driven reports.