Law Firms:

Know where your relationship stands with your clients

Lawyers as Business Partners

Businesses are driven to improve profitability and hold their internal business units accountable to align with the business strategy and vision. Savvy GC’s are seeking innovative tools to align their service providers to their business goals and objectives. In an industry where Lawyers are seen as a necessary evil, lawyers can change the perception by servicing their clients as partners to the business.

Bridging the Value Gap

According to the General Counsel Excellence Report 2017, 64.2% of respondents said outside counsel need better commercial awareness of clients’ businesses. Having ongoing structured dialogue between the firm and their client ensures that law firms know where they stand and gives them what they need to have internal conversations about improving the value they bring to clients and their firms.

Client Retention Strategy

With client service being the number one reason for switching work from one firm to another, Law firms find themselves in the position of seeking a competitive advantage. Convergence is not the time to implement a client retention strategy. If clients are willing to provide feedback to retain quality legal services, Qualmet is the tool to ensure the potential for an outstanding, long-term relationship. Law firms can prevent unpleasant reviews on public websites with ongoing feedback from their clients throughout the relationship for retention.

Law Firm Competitive Advantage

Whether the relationship with the client is newly established or long-standing, law firms need to know how clients are perceiving their service compared to other firms. By extending Qualmet’s legal evaluation software to their clients, law firms now have the tools to grow and manage their business. Law firms gain a competitive advantage by enrolling clients on the Qualmet platform which demonstrates they place a high value on customer service and helps the law firm stand out from their competitors.