Lessons from the NFL. Is Your Legal Department Ready?

Part 2

The NFL teams in this year’s Super Bowl are also taking advantage of data analytics. In fact, as Jeffrey Burt reported on The Next Platform, “It’s gotten so important for the Patriots and team owner Robert Kraft that he spun out a new business called KAGR (Kraft Analytics Group) to not only leverage the data they were getting to better engage fans but also to offer technology to other companies for their own data science efforts.”

But measuring the performance of your outside counsel isn’t as simple as timing a 60-yard shuttle run for the NFL. And it might not be practical to put an RFID tag on your attorney’s suit to monitor running patterns. So what should you measure and why?

The metrics you use should speak to the unique needs of your business. Consider using a numerical scale to rate satisfaction across each area.

For example, how well does your law firm know your business? Does your attorney respond to your emails within days or minutes? Can you trust that your law firm is working toward the broader goals of your company?

About Qualmet

Qualmet is a cloud-based SaaS provider. Offering customers a single sign-on platform to objectively as well as easily evaluate the quality of service. Services provided by their outside counsel as well as alternative legal service providers. Many of the world’s largest law firms and corporate law departments collaborated in the development of Qualmet. The Qualmet tool uniquely positions users to quickly as well as easily measure the value delivered by their service providers. By coupling industry-aligned evaluation as well as legal metrics with objective benchmarking capabilities, Qualmet helps customers define and drive meaningful cost savings as well as value in their organizations. Qualmet’s searchable database of evaluated service providers ranked based on objective metrics is the first of its kind in the legal industry. Know Where You Stand™. Let Qualmet help you drive sustainable and meaningful value for your organization. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

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