Make the most of your relationships with your internal and external service providers, clients, and vendors. Using clear, concise quantitative metrics that matter the most to your business, Qualmet provides an objective performance management tool to measure overall satisfaction, value for money, diversity, and recommendation ratings. For in-house counsel, our tool provides data-driven reporting to compare key performance metrics so you can see which relationships are providing quality services and value for your business. For out-side counsel, know where you stand with your hard won relationships so you can be proactive if something goes wrong.Qualmet puts the data you need at your fingertips for productive conversations to improve collaboration and performance. Enjoy Qualmet’s simple, powerful platform to sharpen service and increase the impact to your company’s business.

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Our Features

Software as a Service

Our Performance Management software is a subscription based Software as a service (or SaaS) solution that allows you to get started right away without having to worry about installing software or signing long-term contracts.  Just create a new account, agree to our Terms and Conditions, and get started.  As new features are implemented, you will be able to take advantage of them right away without needing to upgrade.

Vendor Performance Tracking

Knowing how your vendors are performing is key to satisfactory outcomes and lower overall costs. Track vendors over time and give new work to the higher performing vendors and start eliminating vendors who are underperforming.  Our solution provides data-driven performance reports which allow you to compare vendors, track if they are meeting your needs, and determine if they are a good overall value for your company.

Firm and General Counsel Features

Either from the firm or client perspective, our system is setup by you to fit your business.  Just select if you are a Law Firm or a Client, and the system will configure to match your overall needs.  From there, you can setup your office locations, users, evaluation question, etc. to customize the solution and drive the outcomes you want insights about to better understand how your vendors are performing.

Matter, Firm or Lawyer Options

Evaluate vendor performance from several different types of options selecting what works best for your company.  We provide options for team reviews, team reviews with a single evaluator, and external reviews.  For clients, performance evaluations can be done at the Firm, Matter, or Lawyer levels depending on how you need to measure performance.  For Firms, decide if you want to track client satisfaction overall, or down to the matter or lawyer.  

Spend Tracking

Track spend against estimates and compare overall performance and value.  By adding spend estimates and actuals, you can now view overall performance and see how well your vendors performed against spend expectations.

Comparison Analysis

The Qualmet solutions provides you the ability to compare performance based on overall satisfaction, value, diversity, and if the evaluator would recommend continued use of services.  A combined “Qualmet Score” provides a single score to compare other firms or clients to one another.

Dashboard Reporting

Since no two companies have the same requirements, we have created our reports with ad hoc drill-down features to provide you the flexibility to choose what indicators to compare.  Once you have setup your information in the system, the reports will provide you a customized view of your data and allow you to select multiple data point to view.

Diversity Tracking

Optional feature to track diversity progress among vendors to align with your organization’s goals.

Automated Reminders

Performance evaluations can be setup to be completed at different intervals to meet your needs.  Our solution will send out email reminders to make sure evaluations are conducted in a timely manner.

Mobile Ready

It does not matter if you work on a PC, tablet, mobile phone, or all three.  Our solution will adapt to your needs.


Manage your process by having vendors self-evaluate first. Save time by simply approving or editing your vendors’ self-evaluations and further promote collaboration and alignment with your vendors.

Team Evaluations

Increase efficiencies by evaluating a team rather than individuals. You can select how best to collect the performance information with simple drop-down menu selections on the evaluation setup form.  You can have the entire team complete evaluations, or have a single person collect the information from the team and have just a single evaluation completed on their behalf. 

Multiple Evaluation Types

From single-page to multi-page evaluations, select the format that works best for you and your organization.  For short evaluations that are collected from a tablet or mobile device, select the singe-page option and provide your team with a single scrolling evaluation page for ease-of-use.

Customer configurable

Easily customize office locations, regions and areas, evaluation questions, evaluation types, evaluation intervals, and many other key features in the system.

Online Support

Quick-start guides, manuals, and video tutorials are easily accessible on the application. Online support is available with a click or a call.